Special Event Coming Soon….

The Krayon Kids Little Free Library will be open for business on Saturday, May 1. (location of library is 2100 N. 134th Ave. Goodyear,AZ.)The library will be filled with books for ages 1-16. There will be an additional writing area as well so that children may create their own books ... read more

Cyber Monday Sale….Krayanimals!!!!

A Krayon Kids Book would be a wonderful gift for anyone during Christmas and all Holidays. Krayanimals  is on sale now.. Thank you for your support. You  truly make a difference.

Dandelion Crayon Challenge!

Crayola Crayons retired the  Dandelion color crayon …..No more of them will be made. Do YOU have one?? It is very rare!Please send pictures in to [email protected]

The Krayanimals have just arrived!!

Available for pre sale on Amazon , Barnes and Noble , Mascot books, or through the author at  [email protected]  Enjoy this endearing story about how the Krayon Kids help Endangered Animals.

Design your own Krayon Kids® ANYWHERE

You can design your own Krayon Kids anywhere! Remember We are in this “box” together!Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands. We love you and we will hug one day soon!Thank you Segovia Family for your amazing Mural , Olivia for your awesome sketches , and the boys from our online ... read more

Design your own Krayon Kid xoxo

Fun Activities and educational sites for Kids during distance learning and beyond♥

Coming this summer for teachers, students, and parents…

Poetry Handbook for students, teacher, parents, and all who love poetry ♥

Future Authors and Illustrators

Video Poems by students xo

Hawaii I love you

Hawaii ,I love you written by Nicholas AllenPuff the Magic DragonEmma Allen explains the story of PUFF the Magic Dragon..She is in the EXACT place in Hawaii where he is supposed to be…Will EMMA see him ? What do you think ? Read the ... read more


PAC 12 TALES coming soon!!!!!!

Who is MY favorite author?

The Krayon Kids :Going Green will be released at the end of the year…

 New Krayon Kid Characters….There’s always room for… “HOPE”The Krayon Kids : Going Green 2019

The Krayon Kids Spring Tour

Limited dates left for the 2018-19 school year visits. We have had such a wonderful time…


Activities Packet
Activities Packet
Writer’s Words
Going Green Activity Booklet
PAC12 Tales Activity BookletActivities PacketActivities PacketActivities PacketActivities PacketActivities Packet

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