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“This is a wonderful book that can be used for almost all grade levels. It fits in well with any teaching of character traits. Beautiful story and beautiful illustrations!”


“This book is a must for every teacher and parent! Theses adorable bright krayons will walk you through the alphabet to teach others how to work together and accept each other’s differences. They show us we can get along if we just work together.”

—Stacey Hill

“Teaching positive character traits and cooperation is easy with such a great story. The Krayon Kids is a great book to explain virtues we’d like to nourish in our children—everything from being Adventurous, Brave, and Cooperative through Wise, eXtraordinary, Yourself, and Zealous. Although the krayons start by arguing about who’s the best, they decide to try doing things differently. Each krayon takes a turn explaining one positive character trait and how trying to more like that trait would help all of them get along. By the end of the book, they’ve learned many good lessons and—working together—they created the book you’re reading. Very clever and cute, and good for multiple age ranges.”

—Gale Leach

Dear Fellow Krayon Kids …I am a student teacher in Anchorage, Alaska. I am reading The Krayon Kids as my first read aloud lesson, I am such a fan! I would really like the packet that goes with the book . I am ready to share this book with my fellow future teachers and any manipulatives I can show them will only spark Interest.  I love the SEL nature of this book . You hit the nail on the head! Thank you –Lauren K Lacourse

“Awesome book for the children to enjoy! The drawings are top-notch quality. The writing is very enjoyable. The grandchildren adore this absolutely wonderful book. Much thought went into this by the author. They run to grab this book off the shelf so I can read it first before toy play begins. It is truly a literary gem for children. I never get tired of reading it to the grandchildren. We discuss ways to use the ideas and feelings brought up in the book in their everyday life with other friends as school and in the neighborhood. I highly recommend this for parents, grandparents, and teachers to use often with children as a learning tool. Need a gift for a young child? This is the perfect book for many enjoyable reading moments!”

—Myrna A. Mallek-Roth

“My class read the new book The Krayon Kids written by Karen Marquez Morales. It is an amazing book that talks about a group of krayons working together to build a better box! My class picked a word they would like to represent our class, then described its importance in our room…I would highly recommend this book!”

—Kayla Young

“My second-grade teacher is a beautiful person inside and out. She is inspiring, and I’m so proud of her! I love you, Karen Marquez Morales. Seeing you make your dream come true is breath take.”

—Clara Perez

“Never give up on your dreams. Today I was able to attend my second-grade teacher’s book signing. Anyone that knows “Miss Marquez,” now Mrs. Morales, knows her sweet, creative, loving, and encouraging soul. It was no surprise to see other former students of hers there. Very proud of you.”

—Erica Enriquez Baron

“Congratulations to Karen Marquez Morales, my second-grade teacher. She was the best teacher I ever had, and I know many who will say the same thing. Pretty awesome I could bring my kids to buy your amazing book! You are still as awesome as you were when I was seven years old.”

—Zak Ranney

“‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.’ So happy for my second-grade teacher, Karen Marquez Morales, on getting your first book published. SO proud of you and the work you have done for so many. I was a very lucky kid to have you as a teacher. Words can never express how much you have influenced me and continue to do so. I may actually one day run for office like have always advised to do! Congrats!”

—Mike Segovia

“I received your book today, and my heart melted. I read it to my homeroom kids, and they loved the book’s message and their crayon erasers.”

—Xochitl Lopez

“This is a wonderful book written by one of my best friends. It has been a great inspiration seeing my friend, Karen Marquez Morales, follow her dreams and become an author–an outstanding author. This is a great offer if you have children or as a gift. Thank you so much in advance for your support. You and your child will love this amazing book.

Este es un excelente libro escrito por una de mis mejores amigas. Ha sido una gran inspiracion ver a mi amiga sguir sus suenos y convertirse en autora- una autora sobremsaliente. Esta es una gran oferta. Muchas gracis de antemano por su apoya. Les va a encantar este libro.”

—Marcela Chaires Knapp

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