Krayon Kids Krayanimals Book Cover

The Krayon Kids®: Krayanimals

The Krayon Kids had just finished putting in lots of work to establish a healthy new environment on Earth when a new problem arose. Hearing strange cries from the nearby Krayon box, the Krayon Kids discovered that the Krayanimals need their help! Follow along on another adventure as the Krayon Kids work together to prevent extinction of their new friends!

Award Winning!

The Krayon Kids®: GOING GREEN

It was dark inside the box. Three Krayon Kids cautiously peeked out. They saw a world they did not recognize. Where were they and what had happened to them? Find out if the Krayon Kids can survive this new adventure and help clean the planet alongside their new mysterious friends.

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Krayon Kids Book Cover

Award Winner!
The Krayon Kids®

Follow the Krayon Kids as they take you on a colorful journey of how they learn to work together despite their differences while living in their box.

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